Advanced plastic recycling solutions for non-recyclable plastics

Focusing on construction products market as first stage manufacturing

  • Plastic is widely used in the construction sector because of its unique characteristics such as sustainability, cost efficiency, effective insulation, light weight, water resistance, flexibility, durability, resistance to corrosion, low maintenance. Thus, this has made plastic an economically attractive option everywhere in the construction sector

  • These plastic include Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Expanded Polystyrene

  • Alkemy’s recycling process and product line is initially focused on this market sector that has a significant global demand

Plastic Recycling Reimagined

Alkemy introduces a unique process formula which reduces recycled product manufacturing cost by up to 50% without compromise on final product quality. We are using a highly contaminated post-consumer plastics that have no demand by other recycling plants and usually ends up in dumping sites or sent for incineration.

Furthermore, Alkemy pioneered a unique continuous one-step process (“from waste to product”) that reduces energy consumption, minimizes CFP (carbon foot print) pollution and the use of natural resources by producing final products directly from sorted plastic waste and without going through a phase of turning the waste into raw material.

Using our process we can absorb up to 40% of regular non-plastic waste within the mix which is significantly higher than the common market standard of 5% to 10%. This unique capability enables us to recycle more plastic and at significantly lower sorting costs - while making the world greener!

We solved the equation

Our unique process achieves up to 50% reduction in product manufacturing costs  

  • Plastic recycling raw materials too much

  • We use plastic materials that no one uses

  • We create our own “raw materials” using continuous one-step manufacturing protocol

  • We can bare up to 40% of non-plastic waste

Expending to additional sectors in the the plastic market

Our unique technology enables us to manufacture finished products that do not require virgin plastic as a quality requirement
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