Protects surfaces from impacts, gouges and other damages

Endure adhesion with the concrete slab


Excellent water migration prevention


Utmost Physical Impact Resistance



  • Sealing and buffering in concrete castings directly in the ground, foundations, and the construction of underground parking and basements

  • Sealing and buffering under roads and casting drainage canals on sideways and roads

  • Protection of sealing systems for application over pastes with or without  geomembrane fabric

  • Sealing against soil gases for application under castings

  • Sealing of paving areas to prevent soil swelling in clay soil and other areas


  • Artificial industrial pools, water reservoirs,  fish ponds etc.

  • Reinforced layers of roof insolation, waterproofing, drainage, protection with or without a geomem-brane fabric combination

  • Prevention of soil pollution for application in storage areas for fuels, oils and chemicals

  • Waterproofing of portable structures (roof and walls)

  • Buffering between ornamental ponds/temporary pools and the ground

  • Protection of drainage and infrastructure systems with or without geomembrane fabric integration

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