ADVANCED Plastic recycling solutions

We have created a unique recycling process for plastic bags that were deemed as economically non-viable for recycling until today. We setup Alkemy factories worldwide to manufacture and distribute finished goods produced from 'dirty-plastic' we recycle and help saving the planet in the process.

Each year 5 Trillion Plastic bags are produced and going nowhere…

That’s 160,000 plastic bags each second.
Less than 1 percent of these bags are recycled.
We change all that.

Non-recycled plastic is one of the most harmful polluters globally, and plastic-film waste (such as plastic bags) used by most households and agricultural ventures tops the non-recycled plastic chart. Only 9% of the world's plastic is recycled and 99% of plastic bags are buried or find their way to dumping sites and our oceans.

We solved this problem 

We found a way to produce plastic products that are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic that is recovered from domestic and agricultural waste. We are proud to achieve a production process that makes zero use of virgin plastic materials thus allowing to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world.

From waste to product

Our recycling method is a unique 'from-waste-to-product' one-step process that significantly reduces energy consumption, minimizes CFP (carbon foot print)  and reduces the use of natural resources. Our process results in high quality final products produced directly from  'dirty plastic' waste and without going through a phase of turning the waste into raw material.

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We can make almost any product from our recycled plastic process. Our first range of products are Polyethylene sheets used for surface protection in construction sites

Excellent impact and puncture resistance for the most demanding construction conditions.

ARMADILLO will ensure your surface remains secured


Protects surfaces from impact, gouges and damages. 

  • endure adhesion with the concrete slab

  • excellent water migration prevention

  • utmost physical impact resistance


HDPE root barrier membrane, easy to use, install and weld, made of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic

Easy to install and weld chlorine and copper free


Alkemy in brief

  • Recycling since 2008

  • Covering waste-collection on a national basis

  • ISO14001 (environment protection standard) compliant

  • ISO9001 (quality standard) compliant

  • Recognized recycling plant by the environmental ministry of the state of Israel

  • Total environmental awareness – zero waste policy

  • A leading corporation in social values

  • 100% recycled final products

  • Pioneers of a unique continuous one step process, “from waste to product”, reducing energy consumption, pollution and the over-use of natural resources

  • Establishing Alkemy sites worldwide


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